How Long Have You Been With Your Mobile Network?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Carphone Warehouse says the average 18-30-year-old has been in a monogamous mobile phone contract with the same network for just over four years, as the pain of swapping and potentially not having a fun thing to look at for a few hours or days is too much to risk. What's your mobile relationship best?

Mine's been entirely Vodafone since I got a mobile phone in 2000, apart from about a month in 2005 when I got a Nokia 6680 through Three -- then took it back to the shop because they were still doing the weird "walled garden" curated mobile internet back then and that was entirely useless.

Since then I've been mostly living in the countryside where there's only a Vodafone signal for large chunks of the place, hence not really being able to swap; although I do occasionally switch between Vodafone and one of its MVNOs to bag a few extra minutes and gigabytes, not that I use either seeing as our mast is only 2G and I hate talking to people.

So tell us your mobile contract life story. Hopefully it's not as boring as the above.

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