IBM Watson Will Bring Voice Commands to Star Trek: Bridge Crew

By Tom Pritchard on at

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is just about the only VR game I've taken any interest in, simply because it lets you (and three others) take control of a Starfleet ship and explore the galaxy. Today the game got a little bit more exciting thanks to a partnership with IBM's Watson.

Thanks to a partnership between Ubisoft and IBM, Watson will allow players to use voice commands instead of fiddling with manual controls. So you can bark real orders at your crew, should you need to fire a few photon torpedoes at some Ferengi pirates. Unfortunately it'll only control NPCs. Real-life humans have a tendency to not do as they're told.

Bridge Crew is due to be released on 30th May, but Watson won't be there at launch. Instead beta testing will begin this summer. There's currently no word on whether the game will get DLC that lets you channel your inner Kirk/Riker and seduce every alien you encounter.

IBM has already uploaded a number of developer assets to Github, including Watson's Unity SDK (Speech to Text and Conversation services). That means developers can develop voice controls for their own VR games, and hopefully make everything more immersive in the process. [Star Trek via Engadget]