iPads in Schools are not the Nightmare Dad Imagines

By Gary Cutlack on at

iPads in primary schools are not the learning-ending, gateway into adult iTunes dependency, Apple brand loyalty and sedentary health crisis trigger that dad thinks they are, with a survey of young kids in Northern Ireland finding that the key skills of children rose across the board after the tablets were introduced.

The Mobile Devices in Early Learning study tracked 650 children across ten Belfast schools and nurseries for two years, monitoring what happened to the kids in the most deprived areas of the city when the devices were introduced.

The findings are the opposite of what tech0-wary dads might imagine, with literacy and numeracy improving and communications skills -- the very things people assume tablets and smartphones destroy -- also improving.

The researchers think the key element to the success of tablets in the classroom is that the children think of using them as a fun play time thing seeing as it's all dad ever does at home now, so they're more engaged with what they're seeing and doing on the screens and therefore more likely to share their thoughts and opinions with others in the room. [BBC]

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