It Looks Like Tesco is Testing One Hour Deliveries

By Tom Pritchard on at

In this day and age it feels as though having to wait for our deliveries is a breach of our human rights. Even next day delivery isn't enough for some people, which is why one-hour delivery is slowly becoming a thing. That latest company to jump on that bandwagon seems to be Tesco. spotted that the supermarket has been testing a one-hour delivery option, but only within a private app creatively named 'Tesco Now'. That app lets people order a limited selection of food with super-speedy delivery, but only within Zone 1 and 2 of London.

You can choose to have your order delivered within 60 minutes or two hours, and at the moment there aren't any extra fees attached. It doesn't sound like that will last, however, since descriptions within the app mention a £6 fee for one hour delivery and £5 for the two hour option. Expensive, but those prices are comparable to the one-hour delivery services offered by both Amazon and Sainsburys.

It's not guaranteed that Tesco will actually publicly launch Tesco Now, seeing as this is just a trial, and it might look completely different if it does. Still if you're in central London, and you want to give it a go, you can check out the app for yourself. The process of getting yourself on there is rather convoluted, but has a guide to get you sorted out along with a list of compatible postcodes. [ via Engadget]

Image: Gordon Joly/Flickr

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