Liverpool Was Recently Home To The Politest Hack Ever

By Ian Morris on at

Hackers don't have to be nice, but many of them aren't out to do any harm and are just curious about the world around them. It seems that one such person has hacked an advertising screen at the Liverpool One shopping centre.

The hacker certainly seems to be polite though, placing only the words "we suggest you improve your security. sincerely, your friendly neighbourhood hackers #jft96". The hashtag is Justice For The 96 a memorial for the 96 people who died at the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 and the efforts to ensure justice for them.

It goes without saying that hacks like this are as illegal as any. However, they are also largely harmless. They draw attention to a problem and ensure that it's fixed quickly. It can even be a big help if you're trying to get funds to operate better security but get blocked by people who just don't take these things seriously.

The image was posted to Reddit, as well as on Twitter, with people enjoying a very polite hacker and remarking on the restraint shown. After all, you could almost certainly put anything you wanted on this screen and make it incredibly hard to fix again if you were malicious.

So three cheers for this hacker, not quite a black hat, not quite a white hat and known, somewhat unsurprisingly as a "grey hat". We all got a laugh, and no one got hurt.

[source and image: Reddit]
[via: BBC]