London Traffic Was Brought to a Standstill by a Swarm of Bees

By Tom Pritchard on at

Think about your worst rush hour experience. Traffic was probably at a stand still, and you probably needed to get home to use the toilet or something. Now imagine that same experience with a couple of changes: you're in Greenwich, and the biggest swarm of bees you've ever seen is hanging outside your car.

Last night that happened on Greenwich Church Street, when a random swarm of bees arrived to buzz around for reasons us humans can't really fathom. And you thought being stuck in traffic near a group of teenagers was bad.

Thankfully there was a beekeeper on the scene to try and coax the swarm into a temporary hive so they could be moved somewhere a little bit less awkward. He stayed until around 8.30pm in an attempt to calm the swarm down.

Thankfully the whole situation didn't get out of hand. Nobody was stung and Phil Clarkson, the beekeeper in question, said the winged insects are usually quite docile when swarming. He also said that it's not an uncommon occurrence around this time of year, but having bees congregating around traffic is a rare sight.

So next time you're stuck in a big queue of cars that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, just be grateful that the outside world isn't covered in bees.


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