Loved Pokemon Go? Then You Might Tolerate Magikarp Jump

By Dave Meikleham on at

Some day, when we try to figure out the exact point in history The Pokémon Company took over the world and enslaved us all with armies of robot Squirtles, we'll look back to this week (and a super stupid finger-tapping fish app), and weep.

Hot(tish) of the global phenomenon that was Pokémon GO - c'mon guys, it's been 10 months - the Nintendo affiliate has unleashed another Pocket Monsters-related app on Android and iOS devices. Actually, it's just Pocket Monster this time out. After so long stuck in the shadows of limelight-hogging divas like Pikachu, Pokemon's most helpless fish gets its own game. Say hello to 'Magikarp Jump!'...

Truly this is a joyous day for all digital carps everywhere.

The entire premise of the mobile minigame revolves around catching the titular fish, feeding it (by tapping the screen), then taking it to tournaments to make it jump higher than other domesticated fishies (also accomplished by tapping the screen a whole bunch).

It's probably not going to make The Pokémon Company anything like the return of its last game - Magikarp Jump is free, albeit with in-app purchases - but hey, don't take the only moment of glory Nintendo's miserable fish will ever get away from it.

Way to go, Magikarp... you utterly useless fishy failure.