Martin Freeman Sells Soul to Vodafone

By Gary Cutlack on at

Martin Freeman, who will either be Tim From The Office, Watson, or a Hollywood celebrity to you, is the star of Vodafone's new UK TV advert, and the first celeb it's used to sell minutes and texts for years, if you don't count that CG Yoda.

Freeman, in the character of "Mr Interruption," precipitously and inadvertently topically elbows his way through a crowd at a wedding, before giving his guest some advice on sharing videos through social media while overseas.

Obviously that's a disaster on mobile -- unless you're on Vodafone. Ah-ha! That's the advert part. The part that's not really true and depends on network conditions and you not being in the countryside where there's only 2G if you stand on top of a bale of silage.

Here he is:

He's one of us made good, that's why this is news. Go on Martin! Make loads of money and carry on being famous. [Campaign]

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