May The Fourth Be With You: All the Best Stuff to Buy on Star Wars Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's May the Fourth, internationally recognised as Star Wars day. Since Star Wars quickly evolved into a way for George Lucas (and later Disney) to earn plenty of sweet, sweet merchandising cash, what better way to celebrate that buying a bunch of stuff? Here's a small selection of stuff you should think about buying, especially if you're mad about the franchise.

The Films

It wouldn't be Star Wars without the films, and if you don't own physical copies yet now might be the time. You can buy the Original and Prequel trilogies in one box set, along with Rogue One and The Force AwakensYou can also buy the Limited Edition DVD releases of the unaltered original trilogy (complete with the 2003 Special Editions), but they are quite pricey when bought brand new. Sadly the theatrical cut has yet to make it to Blu-ray.


Marvel has really bet big on Star Wars comics in the past couple of years, and the collected editions would be perfect gifts for any fan. There are ongoing series in the form of Star Wars, the recently finished Darth VaderKanan, and Poe Dameron. There are also miniseries in the form of Chewbacca, Han Solo, Lando, Obi Wan and Anakin, Shattered Empire, The Force Awakens Adaptationand Princess Leia. Coming later this year are collected editions of Darth Maul, Doctor Aphra,  Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, and an adaptation of Rogue One.

Luke Skywalker's Force FX Lightsaber, £171

There are plenty of toy and replica lightsabers out there, but the Force FX Lightsabers reign supreme. This one is an exact replica of Luke's green saber from Return of the Jedi, with a metal hilt, light and sound effects, and a stand that lets you put it on display. [Buy it here]

Sphero BB-8, from £104

The ultimate Star Wars toy is, by far, Sphero's BB-8. It's nowhere near as big as the real thing, but it you can roll it around using your smartphone as a controller. It can also roll around of its own accord, react to certain scenes in The Force Awakens and Rogue One, and more.

Sphero also has a wearable band (£45) that can control the droid with wireless gesture controls, and will soon be able to control certain smart home devices in the same way. [Buy BB-8 here | Buy the Force Band here | Buy them together here]

Lego Death Star, £369 (Normally £410)

By far the most expensive Lego Star Wars set, and one of the most expensive Lego sets around. It's also rather overpriced if you ask me, not that I wouldn't love to have this on display in my living room. There are scenes played out from Episodes IV and VI, with multiple versions of each character, movable turrets, and a miniature version of Darth Vader's TIE fighter. The Death Star is currently discounted, but after May 4th is over you can expect it to jump back up to full price again. [Buy it here]

Lego Snowspeeder, £170

Lego has been known to make fancy, detailed, special editions of many Star Wars ships, and the Snowspeeder is the latest to get that treatment. It has 1,703 pieces, a stand for the ship to rest on, information about the ship's specifications, and two rebel pilots. It might not be anyone's favourite Star Wars ship, but damn it looks good. [Buy it here]

Jedi Dressing Gown, £19

Actual Jedi robes are going to be a bit pricey, but why should you spend all that money when you can get this? It's the ideal representation of a Jedi's outfit of choice, complete with a hood and oversized sleeves to tuck your arms into. It even has the symbol of the order over the left breast, and would be perfect for wearing after you're done in the shower. [Buy it here]

Elstree 1976, £9

Have you ever wondered what went on behind the scenes of the original Star Wars? Not with the main cast everyone knows and loves, who have told their story a thousand times, I mean what went on with the rest of the actors and extras. The people behind masks, many of whom are virtually unknown to the general public. This documentary tracked a lot of them down, including Vader himself, to find out exactly what it meant to be part of something that took the world by storm. [Buy it here]

TV Box Sets

The Clone Wars was one of the true highlights of post-Jedi Star Wars, offering up fantastic stories and exploring areas of the universe that the films didn't have time to tackle. It had new characters, a version of Anakin Skywalker that actually deserved his reputation, and lots more Obi Wan. This boxset has the first five series, but doesn't include the original Clone Wars film, or the 'Lost Episodes' that make up a portion of what would have been the sixth series. You'll need to buy those separately.

Also available are the first two series of Star Wars: Rebels and the first series of the non-canon (but still rather good) Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.


The Legends canon may have been ditched by Disney, but its not holding back when it comes to expanding the new continuity its set up for itself. There are plenty of canon books for you to enjoy, including a few that have come out in the past year. They include Guardians of the Whills, Rebel Rising, Thrawn, Aftermath: Empire's End, Aftermath: Life Debt, Ahsoka, Rogue One: Catalyst, and BloodlineInferno Squad, a prequel to Battlefront II, is also coming at the end of July.

Black Series Anniversary Pack, £52.25

Back in the day demand for Star Wars toys was so high that the toy-makers basically ended up taking pre-orders, offering cardboard stands until the toys were ready for distribution. This year is Star Wars' 40th anniversary, and Hasbro is selling something quite similar. The Black Series Anniversary Park comes with a similar cardboard stand, featuring all the characters in the anniversary series. It's pretty fucking pricey, though, since for nearly £53 you only get the cardboard and a Darth Vader figure. The rest of the figures cost at least £24 each, more if you they're hard to find. [Buy it here]

Star Wars: The Ultimate Soundtrack Collection, £25

Star Wars wouldn't be Star Wars if it wasn't for the iconic music accompanying the film. John Williams is a bonafide genius, and the scores all make for great listening without the film accompanying them. This collection has the music from Episodes I-VI, which is also available on vinyl if you're feeling particularly hipster. No Force Awakens sadly, so you'll need to buy that separately. [Buy it here]

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