Morrisons is Discounting Wonky Avocados, Because People are Stupid

By Tom Pritchard on at

Avocados are one of the 'in' foods at the moment, a period of time that also happens to coincide with a decreased supply caused by bad weather and worker strikes. Morrisons is attempting to meet demand by sourcing 'wonky' avocados that would otherwise go to waste, and selling them for a third of the price.

Most of the UK's avocados come from Peru, but because of poor weather in California those proto-guacamole plants are being exported to the US instead. So Morrisons has turned to South African farms, buying up avocados that are either blemished of weirdly shaped.

Because people are stupid and dislike eating plants that aren't perfectly symmetrical or uniformly coloured, these avocados tend to go to waste. Which is presumably one of the reasons why they've been given such a hefty price cut. Each wonky avocado will cost 39 pence each (or £2.40 a kilogram), compared to the average price of £1.05 for a single unblemished avocado.

According to James Turner, avocado buyer at Morrisons, it's also designed to let people enjoy what has become an expensive and 'luxury' item for a fraction of the price. It feels pretty unnecessary given how they all taste the same regardless of what they look like (disgusting in my personal opinion), but the move is expected to reduce waste and increase farms' income.

This is far from the first time supermarkets have been selling less-then-perfect-looking fruit and vegetables, with Morrisons reporting that they sold 25,000 tonnes of the stuff last year. But this move means people can enjoy the latest fad food, and its supposed health benefits, without having to be a rich oil baron. [Metro]

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