Netflix App Starts Blocking Rooted Android Users

By Gary Cutlack on at

Streaming giant Netflix is infuriating the hardcore Android users of the world right now, after an updated version of its app for Google phones started stating that it will no longer work for users of mobiles running rooted or aftermarket bootloader unlocked versions of the Android OS.

Netflix says that the change is sort of inadvertent and not really its fault, as it's switched DRM management tools in this latest release. The site explained: "With our latest 5.0 release, we now fully rely on the Widevine DRM provided by Google; therefore, many devices that are not Google-certified or have been altered will no longer work with our latest app and those users will no longer see the Netflix app in the Play Store."

That said, people with the app already available on their phones can continue to use it, although they won't be able to easily reinstall it from the Play marketplace or put it on a new device. [Android Police]

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