Netflix Banned from Cannes Film Festival

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Cannes film festival has yielded to pressure from bronze-skinned, white-haired movie purists, and is banning films from being entered into its prestigious contests unless they are actually on show or scheduled to be shown in French cinemas.

Obviously this is a move aimed at limiting the impact of streaming giant Netflix, which has a couple of digital-only films in contentions for this year's awards -- celebrity-packed features Okja and The Meyerowitz Stories.

French cinema operators protested at their inclusion, so much so the the Cannes organisers tried to get Netflix to humour everyone by arranging a limited cinema run for the films, but the streamer wouldn't agree to local rules that limit simultaneous digital releases.

A Cannes festival statement explained: "The Cannes Film Festival asked Netflix in vain to accept that these two films could be seen by viewers in French cinemas and not just by its subscribers. In the event, it deplores the fact that no agreement could be found."

So from next year no Netflix-funded films at Cannes. [The Times]

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