New Game Of Thrones Photos Show Off The Happiest Stark Family Reunion Ever

By Dave Meikleham on at

Thank you, Entertainment Weekly. I don't buy your publication, and probably never will, but hoo-boy if the latest issue of the iconic American mag ever packs in the most adorable Game of Thrones photoshoot my deeply jaded eyes have ever seen.

Image: Entertainment Weekly 

The playful shots show all four remaining Stark children having a time that looks so disarmingly giddy, I want the these images tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. Just look at Arya and her big sis!

Image: Entertainment Weekly (Photo by Marc Holm)

So far, Game of Thrones has only reunited Jon and Sansa - the moment they finally meet for the first time in years during the opening to season six's Book of the Stranger episode may well be my favourite moment in the history of the show. Still, that hasn't stopped Entertainment Weekly from imagining what a full-blown Stark get together would look like. They even quizzed the Stark actors on how they picture the long overdo family festivities unfolding. As you can watch in the tweet below, it looks like Jon Snow wants a massive piss-up.

As long as no one starts strumming out the Rains of Castamere if and when all four Starks finally do reunite in season seven of Game of Thrones, it'll probably all be fine.

Game of Thrones seventh season airs on Sky Atlantic on July 17 in the UK.