New Leaked Shot Suggests The IPhone 8 Will be Bigger Than the IPhone 7s, Smaller Than the IPhone 7s Plus

By Dave Meikleham on at

What's this? More leaked images of upcoming Apple products? Egad! My all too sensitive ticker simply can't handle the strain of all these surprises. Ahead of the presumed September reveal of three new iPhone models - the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus, and the long rumoured iPhone 8 - new images have surfaced apparently showing off molds of the upcoming devices.

First published on Weibo, then reported by 9to5Mac, the image shows off case molds for the three smartphones. If the shot is indeed legit, it suggests the iPhone 8 is a little larger than the iPhone 7s, yet smaller than the bulkier iPhone 7s Plus, which has to accommodate a 5.5-inch screen. That said, though the chassis size of the iPhone 8 is smaller than the 7S Plus, the actual screen size of Apple's latest baby is actually expected to be bigger at, clocking in at 5.8-inches. If true, this points to a drastically reduced bezel size compared to last year's models.

The molds in the photo are more likely being manufactured to produce iPhone cases, rather than the devices themselves, though, meaning the final forms of the three smartphones could still differ from what's displayed above. All three models are expected to be officially announced by Apple at a media event in September, where it's rumoured the iPhone 8 could carry quite the wallet-assaulting premium price tag.