NHS Nurses Line up Ballot to Push for Future Strikes

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal College of Nursing is taking its members into new territory with the threat of strike action in the future, with a vote on the possibility of strikes winning a large majority.

The RCN's members were asked to vote to express their "appetite for industrial action," with 91 per cent of those who voted saying they'd take action that stopped short of striking, and 78 per cent of the 52,000 voters saying they'd definitely be up for a full future strike.

A strike isn't actually on the table right now as the turnout wasn't high enough to push one through, but is one of the options that the RCN and its members could try to make happen in order to get the government to remove its one per cent staff pay rise cap. A series of summer protest events is likely, which could lead to a call for full industrial action if more RCN members come on board. [Royal College of Nursing via Metro]

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