Nissan to Sell Recycled EV Batteries for Home Power

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nissan's Sunderland factory is about to start producing a wall-mounted artisan battery for the home, and the xStorage unit is using recycled electric car batteries to keep the costs down.

In cooperation with power management company Eaton, the idea is to let consumers store their own power for use in the home, which could, for example, let someone charge up the thing by a home solar installation during a sunny day in order to keep the lights on and the fridges whirring away through the night, or it can charge from the grid at cheaper times to be used when electricity is more expensive.

Eaton and Nissan say this could end up saving money on using more expensive grid-sourced power, plus it could be of more benefit to owners of solar installations in this way than selling their power back to the network, what with the decline in feed-in tariffs for selling DIY generated green power.

The downside is the upfront cost of around £5k, similar to Tesla's Powerwall home power unit. The first Nissan units should be ready and on sale in time for peak solar production period this July. [Nissan xStorage via Guardian]

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