Now All Android Apps Can Hide Themselves From Rooted Phones

By Tom Pritchard on at

The other day it was revealed that Netflix was hiding itself from rooted Android phones, and Google is making this a official feature for all apps on Google Play.

That includes phone with bootloaders that have been officially unlocked, which is sure to go down swimmingly with parts of the Android community.

The new Google Play developer console has a Device Catalogue section (under the Release Management header). In here developers have the option to exclude their apps from the store's listings, depending on who's trying to view it. Criteria includes phones that fail integrity tests or are uncertified by Google. In simple terms, rooted devices and those that run custom ROMs.

The good news for root-lovers is that it doesn't actually stop those apps from working. If you can get your hands on the APK there's nothing stopping you from installing the app yourself. App developers who don't want to be installed on rooted device will need to use the SafetyNet Attestation API - the same thing utilised by the likes of Android Pay and Pokémon Go.

So while it's going to be a bit of a pain for anyone who does have a rooted device, it's not the end of the world. Though, obviously, manual installations are a bit riskier than using Google Play, so that's worth bearing in mind. [Google via Slashgear]