Old People and Their Stupid Cures are Endangering the Kids

By Gary Cutlack on at

Grandparents and their weird old mythical cures and old wives tales remedies are putting the health of their grandchildren at risk, as their ancient wisdom and vast catalogue of non-medical cures for ills are bordering on the dangerous. They're nearly as bad as homeopathic options.

This comes from research done by the Cohen Children's Medical Centre in New York, which says that grandparents, who are doing more babysitting than ever nowadays, ought to calm down a bit on the folklore cures and might benefit from taking sick children to the doctor instead of putting tea bags on burns and using frog spawn to treat head injuries and whatever other weird stuff they used to do before doctors existed.

The centre's Dr Andrew Adesman found that 13 per cent of grandparents would put butter on a burn because of something they heard once 60 years ago, with a much larger percentage thinking that giving a poor child an icy bath might be a cracking olden days cure for a fever, rather than a quick way to get a warning from police for child abuse.

Putting ice on burns is another thing that's been proved to be nonsense by decades of medical research, as the ice might cause new burns and make it worse. Stick to watching Countdown, grandma, and leave the medical decisions to the experts. [Telegraph]

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