Plastic Straws are the "Ultimate in Wastefulness" and Should be Taxed to Death

By Gary Cutlack on at

The little plastic drinking straws that are the highlight of any trip to a pub or restaurant for a child are EVIL, it turns out, and should be taxed out of existence due to the fact that they're tough to recycle and are the sort of fiddly little thing it hardly seems worth recycling anyway, so off to the landfill site for the next million years they go.

That's a dramatisation of what was said by BusinessWaste, which thinks the government should encourage consumers to switch back to old fashioned paper straws by whacking a few pence of pure tax onto the cost of the luminous plastic drinking ones that bind together modern society.

The company's Mark Hall launched his attack on the little tubes with: "A plastic straw has a lifespan of around 20 minutes, and then it's thrown away. Where recycling facilities exist, most pubs and bars don't bother separating out used straws to recycle because it's fiddly, and - frankly - they've been in the mouth of a stranger.

"They are pretty much the ultimate in human wastefulness, and a problem that can so easily be solved with very little effort," he finished with, suggesting that a 5p plastic straw tax might kick them into nonexistence and that any adult who uses a straw is a bit of dick. [BBC]

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