Plusnet's Radio Ads Are Unintelligible Says ASA

By Ian Morris on at

The ASA, the UK regulator charged with managing radio adverts, has had a go at Plusnet over adverts which gave out the boring legal information at a speed no human could reasonably understand. BT-owned Plusnet, however, says that it hasn't sped up the talking to cram more into the ad space.

That doesn't matter though because the ASA only cares that the legal information in adverts can be understood. You may well opt to pay a chipmunk to deliver the lines, but if humans have trouble keeping up with their squeaky chatter then it's still not allowed. The regulator said “We considered that the words were difficult to make out and that they had been delivered too quickly to be understood by listeners”.

Two adverts were affected and they must not be aired again until the relevant words have been made more clear.

The firm has been in trouble with the ASA a bit too. In 2015 the company had adverts claiming it offered "totally unlimited broadband" which the regulator found to be something of a fib. The problem was that Plusnet was using speed limits on P2P transfers that meant the ASA didn't feel "totally unlimited" was justified.

Plusnet has recently been in trouble for charging people when they had left the service. The regulator - Ofcom this time - was most displeased about this and made them stump up nearly £900,000 in fines. [via: The Telegraph]