Police Start Devolving Decisions to an AI-Powered App

By Gary Cutlack on at

Durham Police is about to start testing an AI-powered app to help it make decisions on whether to release suspects or keep them under arrest, one that's been fed five years' worth of offending data in order to generate a low, medium or high reoffending score.

They call it the Harm Assessment Risk Tool and it's already been tested in 2013, with the results of its thinking then compared with what actually happened over the next two years. They found that HART worked extremely well with low risk cases, when it was right 98 per cent of the time, with high risk cases being calculated correctly 88 per cent of the time.

They seem like good seeing-the-future results for a computer. Durham Constabulary says the tool should go live within the next few months, when it'll be used to "support" the decisions of police. [BBC]

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