President Trump Pretends Like He Meant to Tweet 'Covfefe'

By Matt Novak on at

Last night at 12:06am Eastern time (05:06am in the UK), President Trump sent out a cryptic tweet that read, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. The internet spent the next six hours utterly confused. And, of course, there were memes. So many memes. And even an Urban Dictionary definition.

President Donald J. Trump’s deleted tweet from 12:06am, early Wednesday morning that read “despite the constant negative press covfete” (Screenshot)

But around 6am Eastern US time, the tweet was finally deleted and at 6:09am (11:09am in the UK) we finally got the president’s follow-up:

That’s right, President Trump is apparently going to play this one like he intended to tweet the word “covfefe.” At least for now.

Just to be clear, “covfefe” is not a word, despite the many guesses and jokes about what it could have meant. Merriam-Webster dictionary even weighed in late last night to simply express exhaustion with the entire thing.

We’ll update this post if and when Trump explains what the fuck is going on.