Prison Builds Anti-Drone Forcefield

By Gary Cutlack on at

A prison in the Channel Islands is the first in the UK to declare a physical war on drones, as it's currently installing a defence system that surrounds the premises and knocks the buzzing little things out of the sky.

The jail on Guernsey is to be surrounded by the Sky Fence system, which uses a series of disruptors to build a virtual wall 600 metres high around the building. Any drone control signals detected within its boundaries result in communications with the controller being jammed, which should make it either crash in flames or return to base, or whatever happens to the things when they lose contact with their pilots.

Developer Richard Gill knows what happens as he invented it, and explained: "It will look like it is bouncing off a forcefield. The operator's video screen will go black and they will lose control. Drones made in the last few years are all designed to return to the last point at which they were under control if the signal is lost. It won’t bring the drone down because if it did and it hit someone or caused damage that would create issues of liability."

Guernsey's Les Nicolles prison should be drone-shielded when its latest batch of security measures go online this summer. [The Times]

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