Qualcomm Tests a Wireless Charging Road

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mobile tech giant Qualcomm has pulled off an interesting stunt in the world of electric cars, claiming to have created the first wireless-charging bit of road.

The list of caveats are longer than the road itself, though, as there's only 100 metres of it and it's been built on a private test site in France. And it's not really a charging road, it's a chained-together collection of Qualcomm's existing Halo wireless EV charging technology embedded along the middle of a road. But anyway, it's a nice concept, even if making all the roads in the world do this would cost more money than currently exists.

For what it's worth, the system can charge vehicles passing over it at speeds of up to 62mph, with 20 kilowatts of power passing into the two test vans' conductive pads while they were moving; a decent enough charge rate for an EV and an idea for what to do with the hard shoulders of the future. [This is Money]

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