Rejoice Gluttons, Facebook Now Lets You Order Food

By dmeikleham on at

Urge to overindulge... rising. Facebook's app now lets you buy meals. The new 'Order Food' option has just been rolled out in the States, and though Zuckerberg won't physically be rustling you up a mushroom risotto anytime soon, the app does find local restaurants near your abode, then allows you to order takeaway.

Though this service hasn't been added to the Facebook app in the UK yet, the American version will find you restaurants to order from that support and Slice.

Image: TechCrunch.

Both the web and mobile versions of the app support the chow-ordering feature – on the former you get a colourful burger icon, on the latter it's a blue and white burger – while the entire process, from ordering to payment, is done within Facebook without redirecting you to external websites. 

Aside from aggregating restaurants, 'Order Food' also lets you filter by price range, type of cuisine and star ratings. Somehow, I don't envisage the kebab house down the road from me (with it's haggis-topped 'pizza') doing particularly well in that latter category.

TechCrunch reports there's no set timescale for the feature's global roll-out, but here's hoping peckish, Facebook-addicted Brits will soon be able to join in on the gorging fun.