Russian Robot Will Defuse Football Tension And Definitely Not Get Smashed To Bits

By Ian Morris on at

The next World Cup will, of course, be held in Russia after the country won the rights to host the tournament fair and square in an entirely above-board vote. To many England fans the idea of going to Russia might be somewhat daunting, with few having an understand of the language and culture in the world's largest country.

Anyway, here's a video:

The robot can, apparently, avoid conflict by detecting the emotional state of English fans and helping to keep them safe from what the ever-diplomatic Daily Mail calls "local hooligans". The 1.2metre high robot is apparently called AlanTim for some reason - perhaps for the same reason the sodding insurance Meerkat is called Aleksandr Orlov. Anyway, AlanTim can phone the police if the situation calls for it.

AlanTim comes from the Moscow Technological Institute, where researchers claimed that the robot would attempt to solve and tensions with "diplomatic conversation". One such attempt shown in a video demonstrates AlanTim "I read on the internet that many English fans have doubts regarding the safety of visiting Russia" the bot goes on to say "You have nothing to worry about, I will stand up personally for your protection".

It's not clear if the meter-high robot will be fitted with lasers, a rail gun or some form of taser or if its roughly child-sized stature will be enough to see off hooligans on its own. No matter, the first goal here is clearly to battle with words.

The Mail story doesn't make it clear how many robots will be at the games, or how resilient they are to having beer spilt all over them, being covered in vomit or unwanted sexual advances. We wish AlanTim the very best for his challenging task.

[Via Daily Mail]