Rumour: Samsung Pay Will Launch In The UK This Month

By Holly Brockwell on at

Bixby isn't the only feature UK users are missing on the new Samsung Galaxy S8: we've also been waiting basically forever to get Samsung Pay. But it sounds like that wait could be nearly over.

A rumour reported by Sammobile says the UK Samsung Pay release date is just two weeks away, on the 16th of May. It's based on chat logs with two different Samsung staffers, both of whom gave the same concrete date. That's pretty compelling evidence.

It also coincides nicely with the launch of the S8, of course: a little late given that the phone was released at the end of last month, but considering Samsung Pay's been available globally since 2015, it's a comparatively small delay.

If you're wondering why we need yet another phone payment system, Samsung's is interesting because it uses not only NFC (like Apple and Android Pay) but also MST, the tech used by magnetic strip cards. Which means it works with even ancient payment terminals in shops that don't support contactless.


Will the rumours prove true? Will you be trying Samsung Pay on your shiny new S8? Let us know in the comments. [Sammobile via Trusted Reviews]

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