Samsung's Adding McAfee to Pretty Much Every Device Capable of Running It

By Tom Pritchard on at

Malware is a problem. It doesn't matter what device you're using, if it's connected to the internet then someone can fuck with all your stuff. Samsung will now be taking a more proactive approach to the problem by adding McAfee AntiVirus to some of its products.

McAfee has announced that its partnership with Samsung is being expanded, and that the company's antivirus software is going to come pre-installed on the 'smart' devices that people care about. So that means if you purchase a Galaxy S8 smartphone, a Samsung PC, or a Samsung Smart TV, there's an extra piece of bloatware for you to contend with. Though unlike most bloatware, this is coming from a good place.

The downside is that on Samsung PCs, like the McAfee that comes preinstalled on a lot of laptops, this isn't free software. Instead you're getting a free 60-day trial, after which you'll need to pay some money. Apparently there's a special offer for people who continue after the 60 days are up, but no pricing information has been revealed.

According to McAfee's press release, there are no additional purchases necessary for the software preinstalled on the S8 or smart TVs.

For most people adding antivirus software to a PC is the first thing they do, but for those who don't (or those who think their other gadgets are magically safe) this is a useful initiative to make sure people are safe. Let's just hope it's not as awkward to remove as Norton [McAfee via Ubergizmo]

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