Smartphones Probably Aren't Tearing Your Family Apart

By Tom Pritchard on at

Kids these days, amirite? Always on their phones tweetbooking and posting pictures of themselves on Facestergram. Those phones are destroying family values, not like in the good ol' days when you could beat your child with a shoe for looking at you in a funny way.

Well I hate to break it to you, but if you feel this way you might be in the minority. According to a survey of 1,014 individuals carried out by ORC Caravan (and commissioned by T-Mobile), 70% of parents actually think smartphones are bringing them closer to their kids. It's all thanks to all the communication options involved, like texting, email, social media, and the good old-fashioned phone call.

54% of parents questioned said that Facebook was the go-to method of communicating with their kids, while Snapchat and Instagram proved popular with 23% and 22% respectively. A further 48% of parents said that they enjoy group chats with their families.

Naturally this study was commissioned by T-Mobile (the US network, not the one that became part of EE), so naturally they want to encourage parents to give kids phones with fancy allowances.

But still, next time you get frustrated with your kids for not looking away from a phone screen, or never responding to your messages, it's not the phone's fault. Your children are probably just arseholes. [PhoneArena via Ubergizmo]