Solar Power Levels Reach Record Highs in the UK Thanks to Summer Not Being Rubbish

By Dave Meikleham on at

Hooray for sources of energy that don't completely fuck up our planet! Clearly, the oh so wise people of Britain have been listening to those eco-conscious fairies on their shoulders, because levels of solar power reached new highs in the UK this week.

Image: UK Business Insider

At 1pm on Friday afternoon, British energy firm National Grid reported the nation's thousands of photovoltaic panelled rooftops were producing a new record amount of power, measuring in at 8.7GW (gigawatts). The previous record was set earlier this May, measuring in at 8.48GW.

As the Guardian first reported, experts say these significant spikes in solar energy point to 60% of the UK's power now being low carbon; a figure which takes account of both wind farms and nuclear power stations. The national average is usually 10 per cent lower, and this substantial rise is being attributed to the uncommonly sunny skies of this unusually bright British summer.

The folks over at Greenpeace obviously approve, with the organisation's head of energy, Hannah Martin, praising the results... even if she can't resist a little dig at the current government. "Today’s new record is a reminder of what the UK could achieve if our government reversed its cuts to support for solar, and backed the clean technologies that could provide jobs, business opportunities and plentiful clean energy for decades to come," said Martin.

If you do indeed have photovoltaic panels installed on your roof, give yourself one hell of a hearty pat on the back.