Stansted Crashed This Morning and Flights Were Missed

By Gary Cutlack on at

Getting through security at Stansted airport this morning was even more soul-destroying than usual, and managed to involve even higher levels of indignity than slowly shuffling up a queue with your shoes in your hands, your belt in a plastic bag and killing on your mind.

The airport's security system crashed, basically, leaving hundreds or perhaps even thousands of travellers trapped in the modern purgatory of the baggage scanning zone. Social media now contains loads of photos of masses of people milling around looking bored, angry, confused, vacant and sad, with many passengers posting their woes of having to spend as long as an hour trying to get through security today.

Stansted blamed "an IT issue in the main security area" that affected its x-ray machines for causing the chaos that saw processing of fliers interrupted for nearly four hours. [Heart]

Image credit: Twitter

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