"Stop Giving Us The Da Vinci Code" Says Swansea Charity Shop

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Da Vinci Code was a serious hit back in the dark pre-fibre broadband days of 2003, selling over 80 million copies all over the world. Now that surge in Dan Brown's popularity is coming back to haunt us. Or at least that's probably how the staff of one Swansea charity shop feel.

The Swansea branch of Oxfam has been inundated with copies of the sacrilegious novel for a few months now, receiving one copy a week on average. It's got to the point where they don't have much room for any other (probably better) books, and the staff have had to put up a sign asking people to leave that particular book at home.

The sign reads: "You could give us another Da Vinci Code... but we would rather have your vinyl! We urgently need more records to help keep our customers happy...and make more money for Oxfam."

Shop manager Phil Broadhurst said:

"It's funny because with the Dan Brown sign people laugh and take a picture. We normally don't leave the displays up that long but have with this. I would say that we get one copy of the book every day. We still occasionally get a few people buying them but we would rather have records. Our sale of them have increased 25 per cent in the last year."

Something seems a bit up with this particular shop, since it had a similar problem with Fifty Shades of Grey last year. That got so bad that the staff were forced to hand over hundreds of copies to a warehouse for storage.

I don't know if there's something about the people of Swansea having some sort of donation-based hive mind, or if this is being done deliberately by an internet group seeking a few laughs. Either way, if you want a few copies of The Da Vinci Code, you know where to go. [The Telegraph]

Featured image: Wales News Service.