Suggestive Primetime Spotify Advert Gets People Pretending to be Offended

By Gary Cutlack on at

An advert for Spotify has outraged the small group of people who spend their entire lives waiting to be outraged by things, with the ad in the break during Britain's Got Talent upsetting a few metaphorical apple carts due to hinting that some masturbation might be going on behind a closed bedroom door. When is there ever not masturbation going on behind closed bedroom doors?

People seem to be being extra offended about this one as it was shown in primetime TV land, before the bedtime of young people. Hence Spotify may have just put the idea having wank into the brains of a generation of adolescents with this:

Spotify's social media person is sort of apologising already, telling anyone who @s him or her that: "We took inspiration from family life's more offbeat moments. We didn’t mean to cause offense." [YouTube via MSN]

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