Superfestivals Might Check Your Drugs This Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

The likes of the Reading, Leeds and V festivals scheduled to take place this year might join the drug-testing scheme that some smaller events have piloted, with the organiser of some of the country's largest outdoor events saying he's nearly ready to introduce free drug testing across the board.

By which he means the idea of taking your illegal drug to an on-site specialist, who will run a test on it, tell you if it's real drugs or just some icing sugar, then send you on your way to snort it, smoke it, or sprinkle it atop one of the pastries from the catering area.

This is coming from Melvin Benn of Festival Republic, the group that organises the massive UK festivals that stand astride the summer like Noel Gallagher's legs. He said: "We'll see it this year for definite ... at Leeds I’m pretty certain. It’s taken a long time and it won’t be at every festival, but where we think there is a need to do it we will be doing it."

A West Yorkshire police spokesperson said drug testing would perhaps be looked upon favourably for introduction at Leeds, in the interests of "public safety" of course. [Guardian]

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