The Amazon Echo Just Got a Bunch of Features for Eurovision

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tomorrow is the Eurovision final, better known as the annual festival where the rest of Europe tells the UK to shove it, regardless of how good our entry was. Then all four countries get to pretend that they don't actually care - despite eagerly watching the whole thing from start to finish. To commemorate the date, Amazon has revealed a bunch of new skills for Alexa and the Echo.

The new Eurovision Song Contest skill can do the following:

  • Offer up a variety of Eurovision-related facts, should ask questions like when the UK last won (Katrina and The Waves in 1997), who won in 2006 (Finland), and more.
  • Dish the dirt on all the latest Eurovision gossip whenever you ask "Alexa, what’s the buzz with Eurovision?"
  • Give opinions on the acts (Alexa, what do you think of the Eurovision song from X?)
  • Play the Eurovision House Party playlist, which features classics from the Eurovisions of old.
  • Play this year's Eurovision entries.

Those last two need an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

So if you're going to be watching this year's contest, and you have an Echo lying around (or the Alexa app on your phone), you know who to converse with during the breaks between acts.

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