The Best Gadgets To Safeguard Your Stuff When You're on Holiday.

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've already talked about a few ways you can increase security in the home, but what about when you're away from familiar surroundings? If you're going on holiday you don't have the same level of security as you do at home, but thankfully there are some thing you can buy to make sure you and your stuff is nice and safe.

Frostfire Home Security Bar, £16

Have you ever been given the key to the wrong room, or worse had someone walk in on you while you chillax in the hotel room? If you have room in your suitcase, take this along with you. The adjustable bar fits underneath the door handle and blocks anyone from getting in through the door - regardless of whether they have the key or not. [Buy it here]

LifeLock Safety Door Lock, £18.85

Say the security bar won't fit, or you want something cumbersome. The LifeLock might not hold up if someone is throwing themselves at the door, but it will add extra security to any door you come across - whether it actually has a lock or not. It slides in between the door and the wall, locking the room from your side and preventing anyone from getting inside without your say so. [Buy it here]

If that's still not for you (it is a bit pricey), you can try this hardcore door stop that wedges the door shut and fires off an alarm if someone tries to get in. There's also the Howsar Quick Lock which does much the same thing as the LifeLock, but is much cheaper and lighter. But as consequence it isn't quite as sturdy (it'll probably be fine, though).

Nokia 216, from £30

You're going away and might not be comfortable wandering around a strange place with your expensive smartphone, so you need a cheap phone. Forget the 3310, the old Nokia 216 haws everything you need from a basic phone, and more. It comes with Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and email built in, so you can stay in touch with the outside world without having to call or text them (provided you have data). It also has two cameras, Opera's Mini web browser, and microSD expansion for music and photos. [Buy it here]

Bluesmart One Smart Suitcase, £350

If you want a bit of extra security on your suitcase through your travels, whether you're putting it into an aeroplane hold or not, the Bluesmart One can help you out a bit. Using a companion app you can lock and unlock the suitcase with your phone, track it during your journey (or beyond), and receive alerts about what's going on. it also has compartments for all your gadgets, a built-in smart scale to make sure you don't get saddled with excess baggage fees, and a 10,000 mAh battery that can charge your gadgets via USB. Because what good is a smart suitcase if your phone's dead? [Buy it here]

TrackR Bravo, from £25

A Bluetooth tracker that's small enough to put anywhere you feel like, including on your keys and in your luggage. If you lose something, you can use your phone to see where it is on a map and hunt it down. You can also use the tracker itself to find your phone if the circumstances are every reversed. The downside here is that TrackR does not use GPS, instead it uses something it calls CrowdLocate. That basically means that if someone with the TrackR app is near your device, it'll log where it is. That's a pretty big downside, but it might be helpful - especially after you get home from your trip. [Buy it here]

Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L Portable Safe, £63

Up top we have a bunch of security measures to stop people getting into your room while you're inside it, but if you're not they're completely useless. Whether you don't trust hotel staff, don't fancy risking someone breaking in to steal your precious belongings, or you're staying in a hostel with a bunch of random people, Pacsafe's Travelsafe bag will keep your stuff safe. It's lightweight, has a 12 litre capacity, a lock, and has a stainless steel mesh built into the fabric to stop someone slicing it open. There's also a security cable you can use to lock the bag onto something sturdy, so someone doesn't run off with your bag and chop off the main lock elsewhere. [Buy it here]

RFID-Blocking Travel Organiser, £23

The chances of someone cloning your credit cards and passport from a distance at home are remote, but you don't know how things are abroad - so it's better to be safe than sorry. This organiser has room for everything you might need to take in your wallet, including passports, cards, and cash. The key feature is that it blocks RFID signals, so if someone tries to clone your stuff they can't. If they want your cards and ID they're going to need to go old-school and pinch it when you're not looking. [Buy it here]

If you'd rather not buy something so big and bulky (or you don't need to take your passport literally everywhere) you can buy this regular RFID-blocking wallet. It's just like a regular wallet, but without any chance of someone cloning your shit. It also has an unguarded ID pocket that lets you use contactless on a card without having to worry about card clash. Perfect for stuff like oyster cards. [Buy it here]

If you want stick to your regular wallet, you don't need to go unprotected either. You can buy RFID-blocking sleeves for individual cards, which you can just slot into your wallet. They're £4.25 for a pack of two.

Riut Bag R25, £130

Keep all your valuables in your bag safe with this, an ergonomic anti-stab bag that keeps all the zippers out of reach of would-be thieves. There are a bunch of different compartments on this, but the key thing is that the zips are all facing inwards. That basically means they're inaccessible if someone is wearing the bag.

The great thing is that, unlike a lot of this sort of thing, it's shipping from England not the US. So you don't need to pay a fortune to avoid waiting six months while it clears customs. [Buy it here]

Fake Suncream Bottle, £9.03 

A lot of beaches are just blocks of sand by the sea, and don't have fancy security options that you'd find by a swimming pool. So if you want to keep your stuff a bit safer while you're messing about in the sea, this is an option for you. Of course the most secure thing is to leave anything pricey in your hotel room, but for the essentials that you absolutely need, stashing them inside a fake bottle of suncream is one extra deterrent from would-be thieves. [Buy it here]

Trakdot Luggage Tracker, £59

One to have just in case some stupid airline loses your luggage, or it gets stolen. So throw a Trakdot in there so you can figure out exactly where it is. It does this using a SIM card, rather than GPS, to triangulate its position and text/email you a location when your luggage arrives - regardless of where it is in the world. The service is free for the first year, but after that you'll have to pay $25/£19.52 a year. [Buy it here]


Accfly Wireless Security Cam, £28

If you're away you obviously want to know your home is ok with nobody in it. So a security camera with remote access is probably in order, and this one has most of the things you need. It has motions sensors to notify you if it spots someone, remote viewing, and two-way audio so you can scare the hell out of anyone intruding on your home. [Buy it here]