The First Rule of Pet Fit Club is Probably Stop Eating Human Food

By Gary Cutlack on at

There is a thing called Pet Fit Club, and it's happening this year. The organisers have assembled some of the UK's fattest animals and will be encouraging the poor mistreated things to lose weight via a six-month diet and exercise regime.

Star of the show this year is Pumpkin, a fat ginger cat from Aberdeen that's still mentally scarred from getting stuck in a cat flap several years ago. Pumpkin is now scared of cat flaps, and dieting probably won't help with that but at least it could boost its self-esteem. Owner Chelsea Mullen explained how Pumpkin only has itself to blame, saying of the cat and its sister: "They both seem to eat the same amount but the difference is that Pumpkin simply doesn't do any exercise. He just lies there."

The event is being organised by animal charity the PDSA, which has assembled this viral-ready video of stupid fat pets being flopped on scales by their well-meaning but ultimately abusive owners:

That fat rabbit has no idea what's happening and how did it get fat anyway when it lives on salad? [BBC via Pet Fit Club]

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