The Samsung S8 Dex Dock Works With Old Microsoft Lumia Phones

By James O Malley on at

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the company included a new feature designed to turn your phone into a desktop PC. Called "Dex", the idea is that you can plug your S8 into a dock, connect a screen, keyboard and mouse, and have a desktop-style user experience.

At the time, it was pointed out that though novel, the idea is hardly new - as Microsoft's now defunct(?) Lumia range boasted support for what Microsoft called "continuum" - essentially, exactly the same thing but using a Windows Phone rather than Android device.

So it is intriguing to see that perhaps the two features aren't just functionally identical, but they also share some DNA in how they work too, as a video has been uploaded to YouTube, purporting to show the Dex dock working with the old Lumia 950.

Filmed by Gary Carter, he emailed us the link without further explanation, but it does appear pretty legit. In the above you can see him plug in an S8, and then switch it out for Lumia. And Like the S8, the display suddenly transforms to a desktop environment with keyboard and mouse support. We can't 100% vouch for its authenticity but... hey, it'd be a weird thing to fake, right?

Perhaps it is unsurprising that old works with new, given that Microsoft was a launch partner with Dex, with the phone boasting full Microsoft Office support from the get-go.

Also conceivably the underlying technology must be using the same tech: Presumably the two devices are using the same USB-C video-over-USB standard, and both support USB-host for plugging in a keyboard and mouse. The good news for consumers then is that if Dex, or Dex-like features take off, perhaps we won't need a separate adapter for each manufacturer's specific device, just like how all phones today charge using Micro-USB.

Now the big question is obvious: Does it work the other way around? Will an S8 work with a Microsoft Continuum Dock? Let's hope so.