Someone's Worked Out The Speed Of Human Poo

By Holly Brockwell on at

Ever wondered whether your pooing speed is normal? Whether you're more of a corked bottle or a Play-Doh factory? Well wonder no more, because a group of fearless scientists has been busily finding out everything they can about dung, and one of their discoveries is the average speed of human defecation.

Apparently, humans poo at a rate of 2cm per second, which makes us wonder how some people manage to spend upwards of 30 minutes in there when they're on the clock at work (yet just seconds at home! Magic). This corresponds well with the average poo time of 12 seconds across the animal kingdom.

The research, reported today by the BBC, also found that the bigger the animal, the longer and faster the poo. Elephants poo three times faster than us (6cm a second) and dogs manage just 1cm/s, which explains why waiting to bag up their productions feels like forever. However, while dogs poo an average of 10ml, elephants produce a volume of 20 litres. So we'd definitely rather be using doggy bags than elephant sacks.

Apparently, species that poo faster have an extra-thick, super-slippery mucus layer (hope you haven't recently eaten) that helps the dung exit faster than a bobsled on a slip 'n' slide. Cool.

Read more over at the BBC. We've got chocolate ice cream to cancel.

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