The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

There's all this talk about bank holidays recently, which is unsurprising. We've just had three in as many weeks, with a fourth arriving at the end of the month, and the Labour Party promising us another four if they win the general election. Three of which will take place during the March/April period. Why then, though? Why should Spring be stuffed with bank holidays? Wouldn't it make more sense to have at least one every month before we start double dipping?

That's just my take, which you can mull over while checking out this week's list of apps.


Free: Android (Galaxy S8 Only)

This is a simple little app, letting Samsung Galaxy S8 owners put that currently-useless Bixby button to work. This app will let you use the button to launch Google Now, rather than being a useless piece of machinery. It's not quite the Google Assistant toggle people have been begging for, but it's one step closer.

Custom Navigation Bar

Free: Android

Android O is a way off yet, but there are plenty of features we know about thanks to the developer preview that's already out in the big bad world. One new feature is the option to customise the navigation buttons on your phone, and this app lets you bring that feature to Nougat devices - no root required. Just install it and get playing. Add buttons, shift the layout around, and so on. Make sure you look at the compatibility list before you download, though, it's not available on all Android N variations (like TouchWiz).

Fast Player

Free: Windows

Unlike previous iterations of the OS, Windows 10 does not have DVD playback built in. You can thank the loss of Windows Media Centre for that. There is a DVD playback app made by Microsoft, but that costs hella money (£11.59 to be precise). Thankfully there is software you can use to play DVDs that does not cost money, and Fast Player is one of them. It also offers compatibility with 150 different media filetypes, playlists, shuffle mode, and all the other things you'd expect from any half-decent media player. So if VLC isn't your thing, this might be worth checking out.


Free (with subscription): Android | iOS

An app for getting down with the kids, so to speak, using educational hip hop to help kids and teenagers increase their vocabulary and teach them new things. There are over 800 videos in the app which your kids can watch and rap along to if they feel like it. The downside is that Flocabulary isn't free, and will cost you £4 a month after the initial one-week trial.

Greater File Share

Free: Windows

This one is quite handy if you have a lot of devices on the same network, turning your Windows PC into a file-sharing server that you can access on the local network. Files can be shared using QR codes, file navigation pages, WFC service, or Web APIs. So if you want a simple way to share files locally, this is worth checking out.

Movie Pal

Free: Android 

If you struggle to find a film to watch that none of your friends have seen, you probably have a very active social life. Or an extensive repertoire of Blu-rays. This app is designed to help you all find something you haven't seen, putting you and your friends into a group and finding you a film to watch. Everyone has their own personal watchlist, so the app should pick something nobody has seen. If they have, you can just exclude it from further searches and try again.

myTaxi (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

With Uber getting more and more sketchy as the weeks go on, you might be looking for another convenient way to pay someone to drive you around. myTaxi (previously known as Hailo) works in a very similar way, except you end up in a licensed Taxi rather than a stranger's car. You can book in advance, see a fair estimate before you go anywhere, pay in-app with your credit/debit card, as well as the option to track and share your journey.

Prizmo Go

Free (With in-app purchases): iOS

Wish you could copy and paste text from physical objects in the real world? Well you can with PrizmoGo! Just point your phone's camera at the text and once the character recognition kicks in you'll be able to mess about with the text as it it was actually in your phone. Tha basics are free, but if you want to do fancier things with the text (like export it to a map, use cloud-powered character recognition, or send text to other apps) you will need to pay for it.

Service (Update) 

Free: iOS

Nobody like airlines. Especially not the ones that charge you extra money to check bags, reserve seats, and then beat you up when you refuse to give up your seat. I mentioned Service a few weeks back because its staff will deal with customer service representatives for you, and now the latest update adds airlines to the list of people it will shout at* on your behalf. With Service's AutoProtect, it will monitor your flights and if there are any delays they'll be on the phone working to get you some compensation. Because airports are shit, and you deserve to be rewarded for having to spend more time in them than necessary.

*There isn't actually any shouting from either party, but we can pretend