This Saturday's Doctor Who Has Been Edited Because of Manchester

By James O Malley on at

The BBC has decided to cut a reference to terrorism from tomorrow's Doctor Who, out of respect for the victims of the Manchester bombing.

According to the Radio Times, the episode The Pyramid at the End of the World made a "passing reference" to terrorism as "part of a more general discussion of threats to Earth". Given recent events though, the corporation has clearly thought to avoid inviting criticism, and has made a small edit to remove the reference.

As the RT notes, this isn't the first time Doctor Who has needed editing. 2014's Robot of Sherwood apparently needed editing to remove any similarities to real life ISIS atrocities. Yikes.

The show is still due for broadcast at 7:45pm tomorrow, and we're presuming that it is still as disappointing as ever, despite Peter Capaldi's best efforts to work such frustrating writing.