Landlord Offers A Year's Free Rent For Social Media Idea

By Holly Brockwell on at

A London landlord company is offering a social media whiz the chance to win a year's free rent in return for a clever campaign idea.

Renting company Uncle owns property in London and Manchester, and positions itself as a fairer alternative to traditional landlords. However, it doesn't seem overly fair to solicit loads of free ads for your company – all of which have to be uploaded to a social network with the brand hashtag – and only pay for one of them. And by 'pay,' we mean 'give free access to something you already own,' which isn't really the same.

The competition asks for "witty and refined content ideas" that will "showcase UNCLE's fun and trustworthy personality, great apartments and dedication to customer service." It gives Dollar Shave Club and a Buzzfeed listicle called 'If landlords were honest' as examples.

On the bright side, at least it's not a full-time job in exchange for free rent. We really wouldn't be surprised if that becomes a thing before long.

If you feel sufficiently creative, underexploited and poor, applications close on the 3rd of July, and they'll no doubt be overwhelmed.

[Business Insider]

Main image: Sky Eckstrom via Flickr CC

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