Volvo Tests Self-Driving Bin Lorry

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some dirty old jobs might soon be automated away if Volvo has anything to do with it, as the lorries and workhorse part of the carmaker group has been testing an autonomous bin lorry. Don't let your children out when it's doing the rounds.

Trundling around urban areas very slowly seems like a much better use of self-driving tech then carrying families down motorways at high speeds, with the Volvo tech using masses of sensors to make negotiation of tight areas and populated places less risky, while the sort of predictable routes these vehicles take make ideal testing grounds for self-driving tools.

Here's a video, which shows that an alarming number of men are still involved in the process of cleaning up after us all:

Volvo also says that gear changes, steering and speed might be controlled more efficiently by the algorithm when compared with the jarring inputs of an angry man, making the vehicles themselves slightly more efficient and environmentally friendly. [YouTube via VentureBeat]

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