Watch Out, Phishing Scum Are Exploiting the WannaCrypt Hysteria

By Tom Pritchard on at

It feels like the whole world is on red alert after the fiasco with WannaCrypt started a week ago. Now you have to be extra careful, because cyber-crooks are trying to take advantage of that by sending out BT-branded phishing emails.

Yesterday ActionFraud warned that the scumbags have started trying to capitalise on the hysteria with emails warning customers that they could get locked out of their account if they don't complete a security check. But there is no security check, with the link taking recipients to a bogus login page that phishers have access to.

The weird coincidence is that some ISPs, like Virgin Media, have been sending legitimate emails out to their customers who were logged as having visited the WannaCrypt sinkhole domain. This is regardless of whether WannaCrypt attempted to infect their machine, or if they visited out of curiosity.

(Pro tip: never visit a dodgy domain out of curiosity. There's no way it could ever be a good idea.)

So, as ever, remain vigilant when you receive an email asking you to log in. If you are worried it might be legitimate, always head to the login page manually rather than clicking a link in an email. And if it doesn't name personally name you, it's far more likely to be a fake. [The Register]