Women Have it Larger Than Men Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats showing the level of binge drinking across the UK show that women are now more likely to be found sobbing into a burger on the wrong bus home at 3:00am than men nowadays, as more women than men admit to regularly abusing alcohol to a massive extent.

The numbers from the Office for National Statistics cover the 16-24 age range, wherein 40.5 per cent of women admit to having what they would call a binge in the previous week. Perhaps they are drinking more, or perhaps it's now a bit more acceptable for women to be honest about what they get up to and they've always been getting this smashed? The ONS didn't go that deep.

Anyway, that percentage compares with just 34.4 per cent of men who've had a binge in the last seven days, a decline of 13 per cent year on year. What's happened to you lot? Gone soft? Prefer to stay at home now you've got the superfast and the pub Wi-Fi is terrible? [The Times]

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