You'll Never Guess Which UK City is Worst for Raising Children

By Tom Pritchard on at

A survey conducted by Money Supermarket has worked out which cities are the best for raising children, and which ones are worse. Can you guess which of the 35 cities came in dead last? Go on, you'll never guess that it's London. It's absolutely shocking news that nobody could have ever seen coming.

Other breaking news to report is that the Pope is indeed a Catholic, and bears do shit in the woods.

The survey used a selection of data to work out its final rankings: burglary rates, average house prices, number of outstanding schools (according to Ofsted), number of parks, job opportunities, and average salary.

London has the highest numbers in most of those categories, which is probably why it came in last. It has plenty of parks and good schools, along with those lovely job opportunities, but those don't make up for the bad stuff. The average house price is 483,803 (which isn't even enough to buy you a derelict covered in tree), and for every 1000 home insurance quotes there were 24 burglary-related claims. The only cities with worse figures were Leeds and Manchester, clocking in 25 and 26 respectively.

Coming at the top of the list is Newcastle, followed by Derby and Wolverhampton. No doubt the low cost of buying a house in those three cities makes them far more appealing.

So if you feel like having kids, you might want to avoid the capital if you can. But you probably knew that already. [Money Supermarket via London Evening Standard]