Amazon Is At It Again With The Phones

By Ian Morris on at

Amazon's Fire Phone was widely considered to be one of the most impressive failures in modern technology. Even so, it appears that Amazon is about to try again, and hopes that changing the name from Fire to Ice is the secret sauce needed to win domination on the phone market.

But to be fair, while the Fire phone didn't sell it wasn't in itself a bad device. Nor, presumably, does Amazon consider it to be one. For one thing, the R&D done to bring a phone to market is never wasted money. Amazon has learnt valuable lessons from the first device, and those will surely inform this new product.

The rumour here is that Amazon's Ice phone will have full access to Google's app store and services. It's obvious that Amazon will load on its own store as well, but having access to Google's means that the firm will have a built-in audience that will not have to re-purchase every app they've ever bought.

Hopefully, the other lesson Amazon learnt was about how important the user interface is. Last time around the firm went all-in on 3D via its face tracking cameras on the front of the device. This time it's likely that it won't bother with nonsense like that. In fact it's almost a sure thing that this device will be aimed at the budget market. Amazon discovered a while ago that premium tablets aren't profitable. It has however seen a huge market develop in its budget tablets.

The lesson here is people with money buy something with Apple or Samsung written on it. The people who you want to target are those who want much-improved value for money. As always with Amazon, the real money won't come from sales of hardware, but from new customers using its shop to buy literally everything they ever need.

Ubergizmo's article on the device suggests that the budget offering is about right, as it claims the device has a 720p screen and 2GB of RAM paired with a premium but slightly older Snapdragon 800.

Any commenter who can come up with a decent pun relating this news to Game of Thrones will get a virtual high five. [Via: Ubergizmo]

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