Apple's Official Phone-Repairing Tech is Coming to a High Street Near You

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple has announced that it's to make it easier for some third-party resellers of its gear to fix broken screens, as it's to allow some independent shops to install the same technology it uses in Apple shops to help replace broken components.

It says 400 authorised service centres across 25 countries should be using its own Horizon devices to assist in sticking new screens and fingerprint sensors in dropped mobiles, which ought to make it a little easier and perhaps cheaper to get your newly smashed iPhone screen fixed in a manner that the hardware maker deems official and keeps the warranty in place.

A man from Reuters was given a look at how the Horizon machine works, revealing that there's a specific set of "gray metal boxes the size of a microwave with a swing-out windowed door" dedicated to each size of Apple device, which, once the screen and/or fingerprint sensor has been replaced, communicate with the phone to pair the sensor with the display while a "mechanical finger" presses the screen to test sensitivity calibration. [Reuters]

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