Bank Cards With a Screen Could Come to Foil Fraudsters

By Gary Cutlack on at

Your bank card might soon be really interesting to look at, as it's possible that a small screen may be embedded into future models in order to better combat the use of stolen card details.

This comes from a National Audit Office bit of thinking on online fraud that looked at ways our debit and credit cards could be modernised to make it harder for batches of numbers to be stolen and traded.

The paper suggests that: "One plan to address this type of fraud is to introduce cards that change their security code (the number on the back of the card) every hour to prevent the use of stolen card data," although the costs involved in embedding a little e-ink display and associated hardware to cycle through codes into every card in issue would surely be austerity-inducing.

France has already had this idea, too, with a company called Oberthur Technologies developing such a card with an every-cycling number on the back that's being piloted in several EU countries. So it could be only a matter of years until it happens and a little bit longer until someone hacks it to run DOOM. [NAO]

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