Bodger And Badger Star Andy Cunningham Has Died Aged 67

By Ian Morris on at

Andy Cunningham, creator, writer and human half of Bodger and Badger has died aged 67, it has been confirmed. The star had been sick with cancer for some time, his sister told PA.

Mashed-potato-obsessed Badger and his human friend Bodger were a fixture of British children's TV in the 90s. The show ran for 124 episodes between 1989 and 1999, with Cunningham writing 71 episodes and starring in just about every scene. He also brought back Badger for one of Big Brother's spin off shows to highlight the plight of badgers during the run up to the cull in 2013.

Before he came up with the idea of a talking badger with a penchant for creamy potatoes, Cunningham had also been a puppeteer on Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. He operated Ephant Mon, a Chevin who was Jabba The Hutt's Head of Security.

It's always sad to lose a piece of your childhood but Bodger and Badger was such a huge part of many kids after school routines that Cunningham will live on in our memories, and on YouTube for many years to come.

So Andy, thanks for the laughs, your willingness to take a load of mash to the face and for no doubt doing great things for the sale of British Potatoes [via: The Mirror]

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